Yo soy yo cartel


“Flamenco is the way I express myself, it is my philosophy of life and not just my work. When I’m dancing, I reveal my soul. I am Flamenco from the moment I wake in the morning until I fall sleep at night. Even when I sleep, I dream of Flamenco. My children are Flamenco. Flamenco is the city where I live and encompasses everything I do. Flamenco is in my blood, my every breath and my soul.”

The performance of “I am” presents the universality of the true art of Flamenco. This show shares my world of Flamenco, this way of life, where the elements of being integrate into dance to form a whole. It combines poetry with dance, flamenco music, percussion and lyrics to express profound sentiments.

In “I am” the audience is led along paths any of us could have taken where we experience fears, exploration, meditation, conflict and struggle and battles to be won! It appeals to our fighting spirit and leads us to new terrain where we can connect with our inner voice.

This show will immerse the audience in the world of Flamenco, where body and mind merge and become tones and rhythms achieving unity and harmony. The audience witnesses the roots of Flamenco and hears beautiful laments, broken voices and dark sounds from ancient cultures.

I am” allows the audience to see and feel the pure essence of Flamenco – to share in the raw emotion and unique rhythms of authentic flamenco dance and music. It is an unforgettable experience not to be missed.





Duration: 90 minutes

Miguel Vargas

Juan José Amador
Enrique el “Extremeño”
Curro Fernández

Eugenio Iglesias
Miguel Iglesias

José Carrasco
2 Technicians


Dossier Miguel Vargas “Yo Soy Yo”