1. Miguel Vargas (dancer)
  2. Ale Cano (singer)
  3. Guitar Player

  1. Guest Female Dancer
  2. Percussionist
  3. Technical:
  4. Light Engineer


SOLEÁ CON|PARTIDA was born from the desire to not feel alone to share feelings in order to let them fly toward their destiny.

It is the introspection of two internal universes where the most primal of the sensations and feelings are shared.

In SOLEÁ CON|PARTIDA, two of the artistic expressions of flamenco, singing and dancing, come together to create a line of sensitive dialogue in which we will expose everything that we face each day within our own solitude and present it to the world in form of art.


1. SOLEÁ Solitude, which leads towards self-destruction and constantly seeks the consolation and compassion of others.

  • De Sabanitas Blancas. Nana
  • El Día Que Nací Yo. Copla
  • Los Malos Recuerdos. Soleá

2. TARANTOS Solitude suffered from having found love, thinking it can save you from destruction, and when it ends, the subsequent denial, resignation, and void.

  • Solo Otra Vez. (instrumental)
  • A Mi Mare. Tientos
  • Más Flores Que Tú. Tangos

3. SEGUIRIYA Solitude from the loss of a mother a symbol of balance, well-being, security and the consolation of a child.

  • Llanto De Guitarra. Guitar
  • En Los Brazos De Mi Mare. Milonga
  • Solo Otra Vez
  • Desde Que Ella No Me Arropa. Seguiriya

4. JALEOS Liberation from solitude. The capacity to be able to share fears and frustrations with someone other than oneself, and thereby letting them go.

  • Amazing Grace. Instrumental
  • Piensa En Mi. Bolero
  • Mis Penas Al Aire

Duration: 105 min


Dossier Soleá Con|Partida