Rhythms with Soul tells us, from the figure of the andalusian gypsy and their social political difficult situation, the history of the flamenco arts, from its beginnings until today.


One of Spain’s richest treasures is the cultural Heritage of flamenco.

About 150 years ago this style was born in Andalucía, an art that was born as “song of sorrow” of the andalusian gipsy, who had a social politic difficult situation.

Born in the shadows of an illiterate culture to transmit the love and the fear of life obligated to create that mystery that literature has written words such as “duende” etc. and other intuitions of surrealism.

This enduring classic is a tribute to that heritage. “Rhythms with Soul” presents an contemporary interpretation of these old melodies and rhythms. Miguel Vargas presents himself better than ever in a cosmopolitan flamenco. Reincarnates a fusion of cultures, musical styles and dances. This suite fervently explores the places of deepest grief and holiest joy in the soul.


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Director, Choreographer & Principal Dancer: Miguel Vargas
Director & Musical Direction: Esperanza Fernández
Musical Administration: David Peña Dorantes
Sceneman: Baldo Cordero Ruiz
Contemporary Dancer: Asha Thomas

Corps of Ballet

Alba Perezagua – Antonio Fernández – Celia Salas
Manuel Alejandro – Noelia Villarroel Cerro
Sara López – Vanesa Aibar – Adrián Perez Esparragoso

Master of Ballet, “Bata de cola” and Castanets: Ana Moya
Rehearsal Director: Ana Moya
Assistent Rehearsel Director: Inmaculada Maldonado Castro


Singers: Matías López – Francisco “El Plateao” Chavez – Antonio Luque “Canito”
Guitars: Javier Gómez – Ulrich Gottwald “El Rizos”
Percussion: Sergio Dardo Fernández Blanco
Flute: Ignacio Guarrochena
Cello: Leonardo Javier Sturam


General Manager: Marco Rother
Technical Director: Florencio Ortiz
Wardrope: Carmen de Giles
Stylist: Manuel Cortés
Stylist & Taylor: Pepe Conde
Sound technician: Manuel González de Tánago Meñaca
Fotographer: Luis Castilla



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2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Press

It is hard to imagine seeing flamenco performed more expertly, passionately or impressively as this.

Fringe Review, August 2010

There are many good dancers in the world, but few have a truly special quality that commands your attention and won´t let you go. Miguel Vargas is one such performer.

Scotsman, August 2010

Pure fire!

The Herald, August 2010

Miguel Vargas` presence is immensely powerful!

The Skinny, August 2010

Such was the beauty of the opening of this show, that a tear rolled down my face. The curtains opened to reveal the Miguel Vargas Flamenco Dance Theatre en masse, all moving with razor – sharp precision. It was like the down call of flamenco warriors; the light glowed and the air was filled with supplicated yearning and the low moan of song.

Fringe Guru, August 2010

Truly world-class talent!

Edinburgh Spotlight, August 2010

Indeed, there are times when Miguel Vargas’ feet become a blur, so fast are his powerful and hypnotic steps. The Venezuelan-born master of flamenco dominates the stage whenever he appears, with a powerful and enigmatic presence which captivates.

Edinburgh Spotlight, August 2010

There are many good dancers in the world, but few have a truly special quality that commands your attention and won’t let you go. Miguel Vargas is one such performer.

Scotsman, August 2010

The eight male and female dancers and the eight-piece band evoke all the beauty and intrigue of Andalusian pride with their excellently choreographed steps and beguiling music.

August 2010

But it felt the caged bird of my heart would break through my chest and soar away from my body when Miguel Vargas began dancing. Each time he came on stage, he took my breath away; each time he left, I simply wanted more flamenco. There is a calm efficiency to his dance and movement, elegantly relaxed in his upper body while his feet beat out an earthquake below. We witness Vargas’ soulful rhythms: there is something so satisfying about watching someone enjoy dancing (and being supremely good at it).

Fringe Guru, August 2010

The costumes used in the various routines are also a highlight: beautiful flamenco dresses and simple, high-waisted outfits complementing the bold and expressive dances perfectly.

Fringe Revue, August 2010