There are many good dancers in the world, but few have a truly special quality that commands your attention and won´t let you go. Miguel Vargas is one such performer.”

— Scotsman, August 2010

Miguel Vargas is an artist with universal appeal and his flamenco personifies a fusion of cultures, music and dance styles. He has incorporated his modern cosmopolitan character into pure flamenco dance.

“His charisma, pure dance, pure energy, passion, intensity, personality, technique … pure instinct … .”

“Miguel Vargas is synonymous of dreams, dedication, efforts and victories.”

The story of Miguel Vargas began far from Europe with his birth in 1975 in Venezuela, son of a university professor and a graduate in psychology. The family moved to Germany and his father’s career took him all over the world, spending periods in Mexico and Spain. He debuted at the age of six years as a child prodigy and at twelve began teaching flamenco dance. From the beginning, flamenco intuitively felt natural and familiar to him and he quickly developed his own personal style.

After obtaining a degree in 1994, Miguel began his career in Spain, dancing in the most renowned tablao of Seville, Los Gallos. He worked with artists like Manuela Carrasco and Mario Maya, with whose company Miguel performed before the King and Queen of Spain in the inaugural Winter Sports World Championships in Granada in 1996.

Miguel went on to perform in the New York Lincoln Centre, in the Avignon Theatre Festival and he continued with a tour of France. In 1997 he created his own company. In 1998 he participated in the “Bienal de Flamenco” in Seville, the most significant festival in the flamenco world. He has performed across the globe from Madrid to New York, and has toured Europe and the United States of America. He continues presenting his shows internationally including in Singapore, Japan, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Dubai. Miguel has made CD and TV recordings, collaborating with Kiko Veneno and Esperanza Fernández among others.

Today Miguel is one of the greatest exponents of flamenco dance. As an ambassador of the Spanish culture he has danced before kings and presidents worldwide. Currently he is a businessman and a Director of the Centre of Art and Flamenco of Seville, an institution dedicated to the teaching and dissemination of flamenco, and of his own dance company, the Miguel Vargas Flamenco Dance Theatre. His company was founded in 2010, debuting with “Rhythms with Soul” in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which received great critical acclaim. He performed this work in the Lope de Vega Theatre, Sevilla and in the Royal Opera House Muscat, Oman. In July 2014 Miguel presented his show “India – The Dream of Anantapur” at the Festival of Dance and Theatre at Niebla Castle in 2014.

Miguel continues presenting his productions worldwide and he continues to share the beauty, power and his profound sense and understanding of flamenco in his classes and workshops around the world.